A feature to zap between different RPC's (or at least have the option to manually add)


I think Tally could be a great wallet, operated in DAO style which I like. To bring even further and more people to use it and expand tally’s utilities should more RPC’s be added (Like a tab somewhere to switch or that you can add other RPC’s manually). This to get Tally to be a wallet you can use anywhere to anything at every big chain, as many people like myself operates at many different chains. So you don’t have the need to use separate wallet when you want to use another chain than Ethereum.



Hello, I think supporting multi-chain is the necessary feature of Tally, and it should have been put in the TODO list.
But you inspire me a little bit, I think we can support using different RPC on one chain.


Thanks for the input @ralle12! Additional network support and custom RPC additions are a planned feature coming in an update - we consider it to be one of the features required for the full version of Tally. You can refer to our Product 101 - What is Tally blog post for the full list of features on the roadmap for the full release.

Thanks for taking the time to outline your feature suggestion!


Tally wallet can attract many users in the future. A practical wallet and user friendly. Adding different RPCs in the future can accelerate this process. :heart_eyes:


yep, must be more networks. even not really popular

i hope it will be wallet nomber 1 at the next bull run))