Border Collies Integration Hunt! 🐶

Hey fellow! Starting a discussion thread for Border Collies Integration hunt on the Tally governance forum! The integration sheet: Tally Integrations - Community Edition
Please drop a line here if you would like to claim a specific project from the list, or have connections and involvement with a community or project already.


I have moderator friends in some of the projects on the list, does that help?


Yeah, sure! in which projects from the list?


I just saw that these projects are taken) only Euler is left) Will it work? What should I do next?
PS I’ll look for more, maybe someone I know is an active participant in one of the unoccupied projects.)

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Hey, fwiw if this is your thing (as it’s mine) you actually don’t have to be active in their discords. I jumped in several times into discords I didn’t know and just started to look and ask around. Identified devs or core members and approached them. Always in a polite and non-spammy way oc.