Corgi Integration Hunt!

Starting the first discussion thread for my pack - the Corgis.

The integration sheet is available for reference and addition of new projects here: Tally Integrations - Community Edition - Google Sheets

Please drop a line here if you would like to claim a specific project from the list, or have connections and involvement with a community or project already.

If you are from a pack other than the Corgis, feel free to start another thread for your pack!


Greetings Corgis! I am very excited for the integrations hunt and would like to participate integrating Unstoppable Domains, and a team project with Nax. We have previously reached out to Pitor (UD) following their community call presentation n December. UD is offering a Gitcoin Bounty (this goes to a person that performs the code/integration) I would like to help facilitate. I would also like to help integrate POAP. I have been a member of their discord and painting party’s for some time. They have expressed interest.


Added Tally to wagmi-xyz and my PR was merged!
I updated the sheet you linked as well.

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wow it is so cool my friend