Finding a new name for Tally Ho!

We’re finding a new name for Tally Ho! and need your help!

Tell us what Tally Ho! means to you between now and June 17 and we’ll use the results to help decide on a new name as a community.

What’s changing?
First and foremost: There will be no change to our identity. Our identity is something that we’ve been building together from the beginning, that evolves and grows every day, and is our most valuable asset.

Our community’s logo, colors, brand, and graphic elements are all here to stay. We are still the same doggos you have grown to love!

Why we’re changing the name
While we loved the name Tally, we’re shifting to a name that better aligns with our mission. We are renaming Tally Ho! for two reasons:

  1. To make sure we never get confused with other web3 or Fintech projects with similar names.
  2. The “Tally Ho!” name is very much focused on MetaMask! (“Tally Ho” is a British expression used in fox hunting! :slight_smile: While we strongly believe there needs to be a community-owned alternative to MetaMask, there’s a bigger vision for this wallet and community than competition with our favorite rival, and our name should reflect that.
  3. To create a long-lasting, universal name that captures the essence of nature’s magic as well as our doggo community vibes.

How the process works
Since February, we’ve experimented with different names — first “Tally Ho!” instead of “Tally” and later “$DOGGO”. We realized that to find a name that truly fits our community, we need to hear from you directly.

We’ve engaged a design agency and legal team to kick off the process. Here are the next steps:

  1. Get feedback about what Tally Ho! means to you
  2. Present the results at the June 17th All Paws Community Call.
  3. Work with design and legal to converge on a new name that fits with the community’s feedback and reflects what this project means to you
  4. Announce the new name to the community!

Why not ask every community member to come up with names and hold a public vote? We thought about this, but were inspired by the blended community/agency process KEEP and NuCypher used to create Threshold and felt like this would help us arrive at the best possible name and attend to all the legal and branding nuances at play.

We Need Your Input!
Fill out this form and tell us how you would describe Tally Ho in three words. That’s it!

We will be using the insights from the community to determine a shortlist and working with legal to ensure we keep the new name. We’ll share the results on our June 17 community call, and then go heads-down into renaming.


Form is super quick and easy everyone. Just click it!


My option is “Huddled” from “huddled in a flock” to own and operate a wallet, hope you like it.


tallydog is the best name for user, dog is a lucky annimal


tallydog is the best name for user, dog is a lucky annimal.


The Wallet? :slight_smile: The Only Thing You Need To Access Beautiful World Of Crypto (TOTYNTABWOC?) But imo Tally is a great name already :slight_smile:


My suggestion would me “Assemble” or maybe “Flock”


Unfortunately we are unable to keep the name Tally or Tally Ho!

There’s a bit more detail here: Wait, is it “Tally” or “Tally Ho”?


Nice name, All the best


When I think of the community of Tally and the loyalty & positivity it inspires it’s obvious that the dog link/ logo is well founded.

When I think of how fun the space is, where we’re all learning together and growing daily into something that will one day stand alone and become something great I think of Puppies.

So my suggestion (and I know you guys didn’t really want specific suggestions but hey…) is Pup Wallet.

  • It’s fun, playful, learning, growing and loyal. What more do you want in a community wallet!?!

My small sketches of names


Run tail


@KrisJ just a friendly observation: the name is part of a brand; a brand’s identity is composed of verbal identity (name) and visual identity (brand signatures and visual platform).

BF (a man’s best friend, loyal, supportive, never leaves your side)


I think it is called foxhound


Amigo - is my option…


But I still particularly like TallyHo :smiling_face_with_tear:


Good idea, Tally was indeed a confusing name given the other web 3 services who are named that way too… and Tally Ho! felt rather strange and I actually totally missed the actual fox hunting meaning, which is indeed pretty fun given that the fox is surely the main competitor, but even know that it feels like it’s still a pretty complex name… there’s probably some good ideas around for a small and catchy unique name that would perfectly fit the project and it’s goals!


i mean the “bulldoge” the best name for wallet


taldogo is best name

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Tally is a decentralized money bag and loyal to the community. I trust her

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I know we shouldn’t drop names here, but ‘Fetch’ came to me last night and I couldn’t help but share.