Future airdrop guide

Hi there!
I would like to offer the team, as well as the entire community, a proposal for the future distribution of project tokens (one of many other).
Based on the experience of other projects, I suggest using the OAT and NFT availability multiplier from the AMA and other activities that we do. This will be true in relation to the community, which is actively involved in the AMA and in activities in the Arbitrum and Optimism networks. (Galaxy airdrops for the cowboy, OP airdrop for the many activities and etc.). All of these projects use multiple approach.

Thank you for your attention!

P.S. acitivities on wallet, of course, maybe should be the main multiple.


I fully support it! those who are from the very beginning, such participants have an indicator in a large number POAP. This indicates that the person is passionate about the project! Also, the remaining activities are a sign that the participant is active in his actions, not only the ama listener!


Fully support the proposal. Thanks for taking a lead.

I fully support this proposal. Moving forward as a new member starting today. How do I stay as active as I can to benefit from the community activities and possible future airdrop

fully agree with the author

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It’s very great when the team value their community

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