Mid-Year DAO Update


We’re halfway through 2022, and it felt like the right time to take stock of all we’ve accomplished during the past 6 months—and to give you a preview of all the exciting updates planned for later this year!

If we were to summarize the last 6 months for Tally Ho, two words come to mind: Build and Grow. Both the wallet and the DAO have seen tremendous growth. On the product side, tons of new features have gone live, and it’s clear in which direction the wallet needs to move next.

Likewise, the DAO has taken the reins on forming an organizational structure and executing on its key priorities. More on that later in this blog.

Tally Ho Product Updates

We’ve made dramatic improvements to the Tally Ho wallet this year. After launching an early ‘Community Edition’ of the wallet in December 2021, we’ve prioritized adding the features you told us you cared about most:

We completed a security audit of the wallet keyring (Least Authority Audit) and we’re happy to say Tally Ho managed to stay safe from a ‘Demonic’ vulnerability that impacted many other web3 wallets.

Tally Ho developers and contributors have also made massive improvements in both polish and quality. This is owed in no small part to everyone who shared their feedback and reported bugs. We couldn’t do it without you!

What’s next for the wallet?

We’ll be releasing major enhancements to the wallet throughout the year, following the requests we’ve heard from you. Expect to see support for Polygon and NFTs coming ASAP! Soon after we plan to introduce:

  • Optimism support
  • Arbitrum support
  • Ways to earn
  • Ways to learn
  • Tons of other great updates to make Tally the safest and easiest web3 wallet out there.

:point_right: Anything else you’d like the devs to focus on? Drop a note in the public roadmap or in the feature-requests channel on Discord!

DAO Formation Updates

The last 6 months have revolved around becoming a functional organization as a DAO. Defining focus areas and goals, and setting up the structure, tools, and working groups we need to facilitate this.

Here’s where we are on the path to launching the full DAO:

We’re building Tally Ho for the long-term, so before launching the on-chain DAO, it’s important that we have a strong foundation in place. Here’s how we are building on our progress:

  • Finding a new, permanent name for Tally Ho
  • Sharing our formal statement of values with the world
  • Holding elections for leadership roles in the DAO–pack leads, elder doggos, and delegates
  • Continuing to build up our Growth, Build, and Ops packs
  • Using our Gitcoin contributions to support open source developers

That brings us to one last question some of you may be asking: What are the plans for the token launch?

Token Launch Update

TL;DR expect the Tally Ho token to launch later this year.

As you can see from the recap above, our volunteer community of developers, growth hackers, artists, memelords, translators, and intrepid testers has achieved extraordinary results in 2022. The token launch will help align future community efforts and enable long overdue recognition of our early community in the form of influence in the Tally Ho protocol.

Right now our developers, designers, and community leaders are laser focused on two things: [1] delivering an absolutely incredible wallet and [2] creating the strongest possible foundation for the DAO. It’s important these are both in place so we can have a wide, equitable token release and that the community has legs over the long term. As all of the off-chain components for our DAO come together this summer, and as we continue to deliver on product, we’ll be in a great position to release the token in the months ahead.

Want to know more about the token itself?

Check out this forum post for details on the fair launch mechanisms we’ve been discussing, as well as high-level thoughts about whom may be included.

We are extremely excited for what’s to come, and look forward to taking this path together!


Incredible all the things that have been achieved in this time! Congrats team, helpers, users and everyone!!


Great news, very happy to participate in this


This is really an impressive work of the Team. Congrats to the dedicated, initiative and innovative team for these excellent milestone!



Epic work team. Proud to be a user.


Great update! A lot of great work going on. Just a note but the link at the very bottom brings you to more governance structure and isn’t really about the fair launch unless I’m missing something (which wouldn’t be unusual).


Ah, great catch! Just updated. Yeah that should go to: Update: Wen $DOGGO?


I am very happy to participate in such a historically important project! :star_struck:
Let’s show who is the boss here! A centralized metamask system with consensus will be retired. I am impressed by how well everyone is working and how very productive everything is! Thank you for this opportunity to become a part of the community! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Thanks for summary and updates! Super excited about DAO and very impressed by the work of the team that has already been done, as well as further plans :heart::dog: