Pride Month Donation

Happy Pride Month y’all!

As part of a discussion on twitter, I would like to make a formal proposal that Tally donate to Out International to protect LGBTQ+ folks this pride. Something small - like $1000 - would go a long way towards helping this cause.

Some relevant links:


Has Tally donated to any other causes previously?


Thanks for raising this @aseoconnor - I appreciated the twitter thread as well! We strive to be a very open community for all, and this would be another way for us to demonstrate that.

@WilhelmTell We have done some sponsorships and donations so far. Ones that I am aware of include:

I know the team has rallied behind a few causes coordinated behind the scenes as well.

I personally am of the camp that views the technology we are building as inherently political, and voicing our support and solidarity with causes, even symbolically, is an important marker for projects.

Perhaps a community crowdfund with a capped treasury match could be interesting? This would doubly demonstrate the community’s support of the LGBTQ+ community, while also ensuring there is sufficient community support behind a treasury allocation if this decision needs to be made before the DAO launches on-chain.

I do think there is room for regular discussions of causes to support, so I anticipate this being just the first of many (welcome) discussions in the future.


Thank you for the list of partnerships and donations, Kris.

I personally like the crowdfunding idea better for any causes that are political and not in any direct way linked to the goals of the Tally project (or Ethereum ecosystem in general). I am all for working in the political realm in order to achieve stated project goals but not when it is outside of the projects scope.


It is important that we support causes like this. With the history of donations and sponsorships that Kris listed, it does not seem out of the ordinary for Tally Ho to do this, and it is a mission that helps members both in and out of the web3 community.

I think this is a great way. People get to put their money where their mouths are and the treasury matches it.

People have their own causes that they will want to support and probably get the DAO to support too, so it is better to follow the community crowdfunds mechanism because it is a great way to gauge the communities response.


Also a fan of the community crowdfund approach! I think the treasury is appropriate for whatever token holders decide is appropriate… but before we have a token, it’s hard to know how best to get community consent.

@KrisJ how could we implement this? I wonder if we could slide something in for this Gitcoin round, promote it, and try to get more regens involved?


I think there are more important problems that need to be supported first of all

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We should avoid saying phrases like “more important”. You are putting down another person’s cause which isn’t nice.

The community crowd funding approach we suggested helps show the communities outlook anyway.


These people can create an LGBT DAO. And those who need it will find a response. We have DOGGO) There will be a lot of topics for donation. Soon there will be more hungry children and people in the world in general. Why not think about it?


I agree. It’s worth thinking about hungry children in the first place