Tally Ho! DAO Structure Proposal

This proposal was created through collaboration between the following community members: beemeupnow#0342, commstark#0695, East#8544, geoist | IDriss.xyz#1520, JVK#6935, Kris#8703, Mettodo#7010, Nax#4365, Nico186#5010, ramaruro#7047, tunsky107.eth#1403, willyfox#1178, and zoz.eth#6952.

There were open calls for participation for the early design work within the community, that collaboration led to this initial proposal, and we are now looking forward to additional thoughts and feedback from the wider community.

On chain Governance:

More details on the on-chain Governance will be shared soon, but below is the high level overview:

  • The Tally Ho contracts and treasury will be managed on-chain through Governor Bravo
  • Token holders can self-delegate or delegate their voting powers to a ‘delegate’
  • The Governor Bravo parameters are DAO governed
  • For transparency, maximized governance engagement and to prevent voter fatigue the proposal is to follow a social agreement on how proposals move to a vote
    • Proposals are discussed on the Discourse forum. Minimum proposal discussion time → 7 days
    • Proposal clustering into vote windows → a vote window every 2 weeks
    • Governor Bravo defined parameters
      • ‘Vote delay’ - time between set-up of vote on-chain & voting start → currently 3 days
      • ‘Voting period’ - the duration in which votes can be cast → 7 days
      • ‘Time lock’ - a delay between vote close and execution for passed proposals → 3 day

Example of cycles

  • proposal 1: did not have sufficient discussion time to meet the 1st vote window, clustered vote window 2 combined with proposal 2 and 3
  • proposal 2: 14 day proposal discussion on forum, voting in vote window 2
  • proposal 3: 7 day proposal discussion on forum, voting in vote window 2

DAO Functional Organization

Mission - Building an Ecosystem that ensures:

  • Focused and autonomous work, following a long term roadmap
  • Permissionless contributions
  • Minimized overhead
  • Scalability

The DAO secures continuity by having a core group of contributors and structure in place, yet still allows anyone that wants to contribute to be able to do so. Budgeting and rewards should not cause unnecessary delays and should need minimal overhead.

Work groups and teams are empowered to make decisions and do work autonomously, without going through unnecessary bureaucracy.

Inspiration DAOs

Index Coop, 1Hive, Shapeshift, Orca Protocol, Compound, ENS, Gitcoin, Maker & Moloch

Proposed design structure

  • Elder Doggos Council
  • Proposed Core packs - we’re asking for ideas/feedback!
    • Growth
    • Build
    • Operations (Ops)
  • Dens - subgroups within a pack. Den structure is dynamic
    • Permanent Dens
    • Temporary Dens (e.g. task forces, defined task with a start & end date)

Elder Doggos

Is a council of 12 elected representatives members. May be composed of prominent and trusted members such as Founders, Delegates, Advisors, prominent community members.

Scope & Authority of Eldger Doggo Council

  • Give strategic guidance to the Packs
  • Conflict resolution & top level decision making
  • Accountable to token holders
  • Veto powers for proposals, except for council elections
  • Appoint the emergency Multi-sig
  • Meet on a periodic basis, e.g. monthly, together with Pack leads
  • Receive a pre-defined contribution by the DAO → linear vesting contracts for term

Elder Doggo Council Structure

  • Top 3 delegates at snapshot date xx are always in council
  • Remaining 6 are elected by (self) nomination and token holder vote
  • Each Pack has 1 representative in the council
  • 6 and 9 months terms initially. Staggered replacement to secure continuity


Packs are the high level functional departments of the DAO. They are responsible for bringing organizational structure and facilitating the Dens.

Packs bring in the functional expertise and are given authority & budget by the DAO to work autonomously. A pack is in essence a sub-DAO.

Packs are funded by the DAO. The DAO allocates a budget to a vesting contract. The vested tokens are a discretionary budget for the Pack. The DAO can stop vesting and pull back remaining unvested tokens in the case of a recall.

Proposed Packs at DAO launch

  • Growth
  • Build
  • Operations (Ops)

This is an initial proposal, over time the DAO structure will evolve and Packs could be added or rescoped.

Scope & Authority of a Pack

  • Develop an operational plan for the Pack, and for the Dens with Den leaders. The Operational Plan is the baseline for the budget request.
  • Make periodic (e.g. quarterly) budget requests to the DAO and arrange allocations
  • Re-define Den budget allocations from Pack budget and prioritize work with Den leaders
  • Give out grants from pre-approved budget
  • Support the Dens
  • Treasury strategy management. DAO allocates, packs lead strategy.
  • High level progress tracking of Dens
  • Move a proposal to an on-chain vote (Requirement is > token threshold, social agreement that this can be done by Pack leaders, Elder Doggos Council, Delegates)
  • Gives out grants
  • Can retroactively give out grants for significant contributions. Request additional budget from DAO if needed in quarterly budget proposal.

Pack leads: 2-3 persons per pack
Are able to allocate a significant amount of time on their role as pack leads, expected time commitment in the range of 20 - 25 hours / week. These are estimates at this time, and the DAO will learn and redefine these where needed. The pack leads receive a fixed rate compensation for this → details to be ironed out.

Work on main deliverables happens in the Dens, in coordination with their Pack.

Pack leads are elected by the DAO. The Tally Ho founding team members can apply for these positions as well.

Onboarding is led by the Packs & Dens. On-boarding adapts to priority areas, and tactics and structure can vary between Packs.


Dens can either originate from the Pack leads, or proposed by Community members. Some Dens are structural, and have on-going tasks & responsibilities. Others are on need basis, similar to task forces, with a concrete assignment and start and end date.

Scope & Authority of a Den

  • Has a mission and scope
  • Defines relevant bounties as required
  • Organizes campaigns
  • Fund new initiatives from a discretionary budget
  • Manages their own way of work & processes, supporting the agreed operational plan goals
  • Has a Coordinape system to stimulate and reward contributions
  • Reports the status periodically to the Pack

Den leads: typically 2-3 people max.

  • Represent the Den towards the Pack and coordinate members of the Den to achieve deliverables.

A Den is expected to typically consist of 5-20 structural contributors.

The Den leads receive a fixed rate compensation for this → details to be ironed out.

Den leads are assigned by the Pack. Pack leads at their discretion can appoint OR elect Den leads.

Each Den:

  • Develops an operational plan for the Den in alignment with the Pack
  • Reports out to the Pack
  • Is funded by the Pack
  • Receives a discretionary budget for pre-defined tasks
    • Grants - together with Pack. Can also go to structural Den contributors for recurring tasks.
    • Set up Bounties
    • External services. E.g. paid campaigns, tools, outside consultancy etc
  • Has a system to retroactively reward non-predefined contributions
    • Monthly Coordinape budget (pack leads & Den leads opt out of rewards)
  • The Coordinape system will allow us to reward any (new) contributors retroactively from a predefined budget in an automated manner. This is expected to support on-boarding and retention. Packs secure monthly allocations and transfer to Coordinape circles.

Responsibility Matrix

Budget & tools

  • Monthly compensation:
    • Pack leads - Pack multi-sig
    • Den leads
  • Predefined tasks:
    • Grants. → milestone based vesting
    • Bounties. Den manages, funding by Pack multi-sig.
    • External services. (E.g. paid campaigns, tools, outside consultancy, etc).
  • Retroactive contributions:
    • Grants - Pack multi-sig
    • Monthly budget - Coordinape. Den manages, funding is granted by Pack multi-sig.

Proposed Dens at launch

Growth Pack Dens

  • Marketing, (Includes Resources & Education) → Generate and maintain Tally user resources. Notion, user docs, call notes etc → Marketing of Tally Ho. Campaigns, ads, articles etc. → potentially split-up / additional Dens for regions and/or focus areas. E.g. DeFi, NFT’s
  • Pawdnerships → DAO to DAO / project partnerships. Integration, co-marketing, relationship management
  • Design → Provide design services to all Dens
  • User Support → 1st line user support. Moderation and organization of community platforms. Discord etc.

Build Pack Dens- strong interaction and alignment with product dev team(s)

  • Development → Consists of Developers. Contribute to the product codebase and support other Dens such as Pawdnerships. Set-up dev grants with the Pack.
  • QA-Testing → Testing and reporting of pre-releases of the product. Testing wallet integrations. Collecting and structured reporting of release bugs.
  • Token lists → Maintaining the Tally Ho token lists
  • (User) Research → Collect UI/UX feedback & conduct market research, provide data & insights to the product dev teams.

Operations Pack Dens

  • Treasury → Responsible for proposing and executing the DAOs treasury management strategy. Collects, processes and reports out the P&L & forecasting of the DAO. Income, expenses, treasury
  • Organization & Governance → Setting up and maintaining the organization and governance processes and procedures of the DAO. Rules, processes and procedures, on-boarding, mediation etc. Driving voter engagement.
  • Translation → Provide translation services to all Dens & packs

What does the DAO govern?

  • DAO Treasury
  • Pack budget requests
  • Pack Operational Plans (tied to budget)
  • Revoke Pack budget vesting
  • Protocol parameter updates. E.g.:
    • Swap fees
    • Swap contract upgrades
    • ~Earn
  • Elder Doggos elections
  • Pack lead elections

Communications and Transparency

For the official proposals we need to see & learn if/ how we’re gating / moderating. There are requirements for creating on-chain votes, and on top of that we make clear procedures and rules so it’s transparent and fair

  • Work → Discord gated channels. Anyone can see, only Den & Pack members can write. Transparency but focus
  • Organization & On-boarding → Notion. One-stop shop for all Tally Ho DAO
  • Official DAO proposals → Discourse. Open to anyone.

Some examples of how this would work

  • A dev or dev team outside of the primary dev team(s) made a significant product contribution, without requesting funding

The Pack can decide to retroactively give a grant to this contributor

  • A developer outside one of the primary dev team proposes to build a specific feature, and requests a grant for this

The pack reviews this request, and can decide to give out a grant. If there is no budget but the Pack does want to proceed this can be requested from the DAO.

  • A Pack decides it has a large task that needs to be outsourced. For example because of a timing vs. resource constraint, expertise, other reason

The Packs sets up a grant. Complete task A/B/C within timeline X to receive Grant Y. The Packs promote these tasks.

Contributors can apply to the Pack, the Pack selects and ‘hires’ the contributor.

  • A contributor makes several contributions to a Den/Dens. The contributor is (not yet) a structural contributor to a Den and did not request any funding.

The contributor can sign up to become a Coordinape member. This way they can receive rewards retroactively, and also reward others.

  • A contributor wants to set-up an initiative that requires pre-funding. It is in the scope of one of the existing Dens.

The contributor aligns with the Den on the initiative and budget. If the Den wants to go ahead but does not have enough budget it can request more from the Pack or take it into account in the following budget request.

  • A contributor wants to set-up an initiative that does/does not require pre-funding. It is not yet in the scope of the existing Dens.

The pack discusses the initiative and can decide to form a new Den or allocate to an existing one.

Tally Ho!


Very nice :ok_hand::+1: Thank you for the article


Very excellent and complete :star_struck:

  • Do you know when recruitment will start for some of the packs and dens?
  • whoever is on treasury Den, recommend you contact UtopiaLabs for treasury management. They are out on ETH mainnet, and their UI makes payouts simple
  • You should hold a poll to see if the pay should be token fixed or dollar fixed. I have seen other arguments in other DAO’s (SNX) where the token value goes down, contributors argue that they are getting payed less while with dollar fixed, when the token goes up in price, contributors argue that they are getting payed less since they are receiving less tokens.

Also hold non-essential votes on a fixed day instead of whenever it gets approved. If everyone knows votes will be held on Fridays, that is when they will look at it and hopefully over time it becomes a habit


This is a great summary, covers a lot of key points, and is straight to the point as well!

Few things to point out;

  1. Should the pack leader roles be a bit more specific

The role has quite a lot of tasks but I think it was made a bit more specific then each leader knows what they are signing up for.

I think it can be quite tiresome for the pack leaders having to do multiple jobs too, you can see other DAOs like Bankless adopt a similar approach. [Draft2] Guild Role Recommendations + Coordination - General - Bankless DAO

Pack organiser
Pack Scribe
Pack treasurer
Pack onboarding

These are just examples but organiser and scribe seem like key roles. It would help each leader act as a beacon for their pack too. So people know who to approach for certain tasks.

  1. Den role

I think that naturally divides itself into separate roles and isn’t as daunting so should be able to flow by itself.

  1. Notion

I mentioned the notion in discord but it needs an update if it is going to the ‘One-stop shop’. Volunteered to help reorganise it, just waiting for a reply!


Now! The working groups were an early prototype. We’re close to the smart contract launch, then ideally IMO we have an election process kicked off shortly after the first proposal.

WDYT about a USD-pegged + token-pegged component? I’ve seen the same issue, and figure you can break it down to “USD base to ensure a minimum, tokens component to ensure alignment”.

I believe this is the current intent, but maybe misunderstood @KrisJ


As Matt mentioned, recruitment and Den bootstrapping can start at any time, we anticipate current working groups will become part of the proposed Dens or possibly compose new Dens.

The comment on tokens or stables as contributor compensation is also definitely something we are thinking about, but is a topic that I think is best discussed in the community, and possibly also on an individual contributor level. I’ve also been reading this post which I think is a really relevant read here! How DAOs Can Diversify Into Stablecoins

As for votes moving forward on a fixed day, that is absolutely the intention! Every second Friday, proposals that are ready to move to a vote will be moved, while proposals still in the discussion phase will not move forward for two weeks. We want proposal votes to be predictable so that delegates are able to plan around them and hopefully increase participation rates.


I think it is entirely possible that between the 2-3 leaders of a pack they may decide to split some tasks and share others. (so that they aren’t necessarily all covering all possible tasks all the time, except for temperature checks/agreements)

Does that lean towards what you are describing?


This is fantastic feedback! I think the specific roles within the leadership groups is a great idea - we didn’t want to get too overly specific in this proposal and risk being too prescriptive. I like this breakdown of possible roles though.

The Notion is definitely a work in progress, and I did see your comments in Discord as well. Would love to get you involved with the Notion buildout through the Resources Working Group :muscle:


Problem Statement: The structure does not enable effective decentralized knowledge sharing, collaboration, and eliminate redundancy of efforts.

Recommendation: Create a cross pack, (Sheep Dog Pack? [open to better names]) that serves as the connectors between the packs.

Background: In BanklessDAO we commonly see problems of duplicaitive efforts and inefficient knowledge sharing between the different guilds (they function similarly to the pack model suggested above). Having a group of individuals that are dedicated to roam between the different packs (e.g. growth pack <–> build pack) may reduce organizational inefficiencies.


Yeah, it covers what I was saying, those ‘titles’ just provide a bit more guidance in how they can separate their roles.


I get what you’re saying about it not being overcomplicated! Maybe it is too early and something to consider in the future, but happy to explore it further now if you guys pursue it.

Happy to help in anyway I can! :slight_smile:


Seems like a useful but simple role. I think this would be a great addition, especially if this pack can possibly curate a ‘Tally Ho Weekly update’ about the DAO since they will probs have a good understanding of each den. It also keeps the DAO and users updated. 2 birds 1 stone.


My hope is that, aside from extremely exceptional cases, discussion is done in publicly-viewable channels. (this is along the lines of the gated channels mentioned in the proposal)

I feel it also make sense to have some guidelines that conversations would be started in (or moved to) a channel that matches the scope of those affected by it. (to keep it in view of relevant parties)

There could also be scheduled pack leader meetings if needed.

I could also see this being in the scope of a den under the Growth Pack.


This sounds very similar to the Rabbithole MetaGovernance pod - may be a model we want to look at for inspiration here


Even with things being done in publicly-viewable channels this does not guarantee that knowledge will effectively cross-pollinate to the other packs. As the DAO grows and pariticpation increases so will the number of messages. It is really hard to keep a daily “pulse” of what is happening throughout the DAO.

Additionally relying on the pack leads to serve this role promotes centralization; recommend the pack leaders focus on larger items, however for the normal day-to-day DAO work the cross pack role would enable a more decentralized approach of information sharing.


This all seems great. Very detailed and a den for anyone to contribute to.


Good project,come on!


Thank you for the article