TIP 2 – Integration of IDriss into Tally Ho! Wallet [DRAFT]


  • geoist | IDriss.xyz#1520 – IDriss co-founder, Tally Ho! delegate applicant
  • Lennard | IDriss.xyz#6152 – IDriss co-founder, Tally Ho! community member


The following proposal discusses the integration of IDriss into Tally Ho! wallet, as presented on the community calls on March 10 and April 1, 2022 by the contributors.


Wallet addresses are a central part of the user experience associated with sending and receiving cryptocurrency. The established address format (long string of numbers and letters) needs to be replaced with a more human-centric solution to improve the experience of the current crypto users and accommodate the wave of non-crypto-native people that will be flowing into web3 in the coming decade.

IDriss aims to solve the above-mentioned challenge by letting users link their emails, phone numbers and Twitter usernames to crypto wallet addresses in a decentralized registry.

The key benefits of integrating IDriss are:

  • User-friendly wallet address format that can be easily shared verbally, or in writing for the purpose of sending or receiving crypto
  • Effective organization and quicker access to your multiple wallet addresses (you have them available under one, memorable IDriss)
  • Easier deposits into the Tally Ho! Wallet from exchanges and other wallets
  • Additional revenue stream for the Tally Ho! DAO


The integration is understood as the addition of two features explained below to the Tally Ho! wallet. The features can be implemented in the following configurations:

  • Feature 1 only
  • Feature 1 and Feature 2

We as authors understand that due to the difference in the impact of these two features on the wallet and difference in resources requested for their implementation, there might be a need for splitting this proposal into 2 votes.

Feature 1 (IDriss names support)

Users are able to input IDriss names (emails, phone numbers, and Twitter usernames) in the recipient field within the “Send Asset” tab and see wallet addresses that have been linked to them, as presented below:

What is requested?

  • It is requested that the Build Pack reviews and accepts the existing GitHub pull request prepared by the IDriss team into the wallet’s source code.

Feature 2 (Onboarding to IDriss inside the wallet)

Wallet users are able to register IDriss (email, phone number or Twitter username) inside the wallet. 50% of the revenue generated by this feature goes to the Tally Ho! DAO treasury. A preliminary UI/UX design of the registration flow is presented below:

What is requested?

  • It is requested that the Build Pack in cooperation with the IDriss team develops a final UI/UX design based on the preliminary design presented above.
  • It is requested that the Build Pack in cooperation with the IDriss team incorporates IDriss’ code (public library) into the wallet’s source code based on the UI/UX design.


The proposal is being presented here for a discussion with a hope that it will be included in the first batch of proposals put forward for a vote after the DAO launch.

The execution of the proposal is expected to begin right after the Timelock period (a delay between vote close and execution for passed proposals). Success is evaluated by addition of the discussed features into the wallet’s source code. Depending on the chosen configuration, it is hoped that execution can be completed within the following time frame:

  • Feature 1 only: 2 weeks
  • Feature 1 and Feature 2: 4 weeks

Post scriptum

We are looking forward to seeing a discussion around this topic, answering any questions coming up in the process and applying suggested improvements. Also, we keep an eye on the evolving DAO Structure Proposal, and we will be doing edits to this proposal along with any changes to the governance path. Tally Ho! :dog: