Update: Wen $DOGGO?

gm doggos. The Tally Ho community is excited to give you a sneak preview of our governance token.

We’ve started calling it… $DOGGO :dog:

The upcoming launch has many moving pieces. So we’re sharing some early details to give our community a preview of how everything fits together. This post is light on details! So don’t expect a deep dive on token economics or a full emissions schedule. But rest assured: much more info (plus a full announcement) is coming soon.


Soon $DOGGO.

The token will launch alongside the full alpha release of Tally Ho. You’ll claim your tokens, delegate, and earn $DOGGO—all from inside your Tally Ho wallet. And you’ll want to do it pretty quickly :wink:


  • Total fixed supply is 30,000,000,000
  • More than a third of all tokens will be distributed in a community-wide merkledrop
  • Tokens will also be distributed through Pool 1 and Pool 2 opportunities, plus a year of community-led growth incentives
  • There is no pre-allocation to investors, advisors, or the devs that have been building the wallet

What Launch Might Look Like…

Contracts deployed by the community - The token contracts will be deployed by the community, not the developers—so it’s hard to give a precise time and date for when they’ll go live. Keep an eye out for a blog post next week on the 0xc4ad affair for more details on how this might work.

A community-wide merkledrop - Currently it includes DeFi users, builders, and members of existing DAOs. We’re also exploring ways for you to reward friends and other DAOs when claiming. We believe $DOGGO will be in the running for the biggest fair launch ever, based on several factors.

Pool 1 and Pool 2 - These will activate shortly after launch. Pool 1 will enable the DAO to build a diverse treasury, while Pool 2 will implement several new mechanisms that we’ve jokingly dubbed “Liquidity Go Up Technology.” (Here’s a quick primer on how Pool 1s generally differ from Pool 2s.)

A year of growth incentives, led by the community - We expect many of these to take the form of Swaps Rewards to help balance out gas costs! But the DAO will be the ultimate decision maker, and we expect it to come up with all sorts of exciting ways to help you stack $DOGGO.

What will $DOGGO holders govern after launch? - $DOGGO holders will collectively govern the treasury, software license, and all onchain elements of Tally Ho. Check out this post to see how the DAO structure is coming together. We expect the Gitcoin Aqueduct allocation to be included in the early proposals.


So… a massive merkledrop, user-deployed contracts, ways to reward your friends or favorite DAOs, Pool 1 + Pool 2, and a year of Swaps Rewards and growth incentives.

Hopefully the big picture is starting to come together a bit: there will be lots of ways to earn $DOGGO. And there will be lots of opportunities (and limited time!) for early claimers to help curate the Tally Ho ecosystem.

Questions? Feedback? Let us know your thoughts below.


What about Gitcoin donaters for Tally on GR13?


Maybe to help get an idea of what people think, upvote this if you do not like the name $DOGGO, or think it is too memey?


whats wrong with a little fun? :dog:


We’ll have to see! Not going to workshop the merkledrop in this thread, other than to say we hope it will cover a wide variety of Web3 users.


Some ideas/options to help with education and further involvement of the community around the Tally Project (especially for people that have not been involved at all until now) would be to ask users to do a task to claim the tokens. For example:

  • To claim: Answer some questions after reading some short article that describes what the project aims to be.
  • Claim 50% on the first interaction, claim 50% in some time (to encourage visibility of the project over time)
  • Boost Initial Claim after doing some activities in the Wallet (e.g. Swap)

Attention in DeFi is very fickle, so an approach like this may help with Adoption / Spreading the word to a wider community


Love where your head is at!

We’ve actually talked about ways to get users to read / acknowledge Tally Ho’s key values (kind of like ENS did). 100% agree on importance here.

Also definitely thinking about ways to bring users back. The devs may or may not have toyed with the idea of a lockup period as well…


I’m fine with the token name/ticker personally, like Mschlussel1 said there’s nothing wrong about adding some fun in Tally Ho!, at all levels, this is the counterbalance to what “the fox” does, which is too serious and closed to what community wants.


Thanks for the post and update! I think the name DOGGO is perfect, I like the coordination to our logo/ theme and the name is memorable. Plus I love dogs!
I was a part of the LOOKS drop and really liked their reward process. The are an NFT resale platform and brought in their initial users by rewarding native LOOKS tokens to wallets previously buying/selling NFT’s on (competitor) OpenSea.
I would have LOVED a friend-to-friend link in this scenario from LOOKS. Perhaps if I was eligible to claim a certain DOGGO reward, I could also be issued 10 “friend codes” to share a smaller drop with people that we’re not originally eligible or are totally new to Tally Ho.
I would also like the opportunity to reward other DAO’s with claim codes. I know the wallet is initially launching with DeFi features in mind but I am already looking ahead to using Tally Ho as my primary NFT wallet. Ledger integration is incredible, and I couldn’t wait so I successfully did a test mint of an NFT with my Tally Ho wallet - Tally Ho is going to be the future.
With that said, many NFT/PFP projects like Links DAO, Yung Apes, and Meebits have formed DAO’s. they range in structure and many are in infancy, but I would love to reward these communities for taking the step toward forming a DAO, with a partner drop of DOGGO. It is only natural since you can’t have an NFT without a wallet! This may be forward thinking, so I would close by saying that DeFi projects - with associated DAO’s - are also prime candidates for a partner drop.
Many thanks for this exciting sneak peek!


I agree! This name reminds me a meme coin. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I would have LOVED a friend-to-friend link in this scenario from LOOKS…I would also like the opportunity to reward other DAO’s with claim codes.

Never say never :). We 100% have some mechanics in the works for rewarding friends and DAOs. They’re not 100% what you outline above, but I think you will dig. Maybe we chat about community call tmrw?

many NFT/PFP projects like Links DAO, Yung Apes, and Meebits have formed DAO’s

Great point. Parts of the community members (including me!), are actually actively looking for ways to get Tally Ho more involved with nft DAOs… are there any nft projects or marketplaces with community treasuries that you feel are especially well-aligned with what we’re doing?


Some members of the community may think it’s too early to launch tokens, but I think it’s time to do so in conjunction with the launch of the DAO


$DOGGO reminds me of $DOGE :sweat_smile:, maybe we can take a vote about the name?


I would love to get a list together of mutually aligned NFT projects! I am really excited to see more of the drop mechanic as they are announced!


I like $DOGGO :wink:
Dog go! Tally go!


After the “Tally” to “Tally Ho” debacle, we need a name that can survive a wallet rebrand and is attached to a core brand element we know will stick around. The obvious $TALLY is off the table.

It turns out, that brand element is our faithful doggo, guiding us through the dark forest of Ethereum.

I get why people might think it’s “too silly” or whatever, but who cares? Let’s keep Web3 weird.


I think doggo name is too similar to doggy, look how garbage doggy is now. I suggest changing the name of the token


Doggo is not a good name, my brother, why not call it tally directly? There are too many Doge meme tokens, which makes people misunderstand. We are a great project!


sounds funny, I like $DOGGO


I believe Tally is off the table for the same reasons as the use of the name ‘Tally Ho’ being emphasized; there’s another web3 project using the name which causes confusion.