What is the future?


New to the space, want to say Bankless for exposing me to this wallet option… I am VERY new so if i have suggested things that have been overlooked I apologize.

but with the recent happenings with Metamask recently…I think its fair time a competitor that can counter act those censorship measure could legitimately take over the space.

Anyways my question is/are what is the futre here…what do you see in terms of growth and how do you want it to grow. I would expect to see easy access to multiple networks IE gnosis, Poly, BSC (unless I am dumb and havent found the button that allows me to input my own RPC yet.)

As well as the DEX and quick and easy token swaps etc etc… butWhat does Tally really want to stand for and what type of impact and change does it want to make in the current crypto landscape…

Are you guys pivoting on very privacy focused and concentrated functionality… Would you be open to the idea of routing every transaction through something like tornado cash… to try and aid in privacy of your users.

Idk im just spit balling here.

just interested in this project and would like to see how it develops.


If you haven’t already, be sure to join us in Discord! (https://chat.tally.cash/)

One of the amazing things here is that the future is effectively up to the community.

There are working groups forming in Discord channels, so definitely check in to see if any interest you!!

Regarding what we stand for and goals in the space, I think these are a good start:


more networks are expected to come in the future :grinning:

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The most important issue in the case of using a wallet is the issue of security and protection of assets. How do you provide this security for your customers and how could they trust you?
What security measures have been adopted ?

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I can’t wait for L2 integration.

Experienced devs, multiple audits. Nothing proves security like time, but we’re off to a good start.


i hope will be more networks, like Avalanche

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If Tally wants to be more secure it needs to show it, I mean the principle of working is the same as all another wallets, though the design, features are way better, but how about the security?